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Mobile Number Availability

The original mobile phone numbers operated on the Analogue network.  A typical analogue number for example was 018 773 096 (9 digits).  This network operated from 1987 to 2000.

With the introduction of the Digital network and the 04xx prefix (10 digits), the current number ranges were originally allocated as follows;

04x1, 04x2, 04x3  Optus

04x4, 04x5, 04x6  Vodafone

04x7, 04x8, 04x9  Telstra

0433  Used by '3' network

04x0  Used by various networks

There are many variations to the above rule as many other smaller companies use particlar number ranges e.g. Virgin initially used 0431.  Nowadays numbers ranges are randomnly spread between the larger and many smaller networks (e.g. Lebara, Kogan) with no uniformity.

However mobile number portability means an individual number might have been "ported" and moved between networks. As long as the registered user of the number can be verified, any mobile number can be ported. All our listed numbers can be moved and used on any network, plan or prepaid.

When a number is cancelled by the network, due to prepaid expiry or a customer request, the number is handed back to its original network.  This number is quarrantined for 6 months and then released back onto the network to be used again.  It is difficult to track down a specific number as it can be unavailable for various reasons eg. most likely already in use,  in quarrantine, or not yet available to be allocated, etc.  There is no way to track or reserve a number as the telcos computer systems are unable to do so.

We offer Custom Numbers which may find your desired number, see here.


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gold mobile numbers for sale
gold mobile number for sale
gold mobile number for sale
gold mobile number for sale

gold, premium, VIP mobile number

gold, premium, VIP mobile number
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