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What is a Gold No.?

A 'Gold' number is a unique, rare or desirable phone number.  It can contain the same digit repeated, in sequence, or form a Word.  People desire particular numbers for many different reasons, thus a number you consider insignificant may be highly prized by others.

Numbers can also be described as VIP, Platinum, Premium or even Diamond.  These are just variations of the Gold theme.

For example,

Gold numbers

0437 000 555 - described as a triple-triple number

0438 123 456 - sequential

0408 256 256 - repetitive

0424 94 94 94 - repetitive

Silver numbers

0423 11 33 66 - double-double-double

0405 111 977 - triple-double

Bronze numbers

0424 568 333 - a single triple

0438 582 007 - Bond, James Bond...

Phone Words

045 NUMBERS (045 6862377) - just type in the letters instead of remembering the numbers



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gold mobile numbers for sale
gold mobile number for sale
gold mobile number for sale
gold mobile number for sale


mobile phone number for sale
gold mobile number for sale

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