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Lucky Chinese No. 8

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Eight is a lucky number in China. The Mandarin word for eight, ' ba' sounds close to the word for wealth, 'fa'.  In Cantonese eight, 'baat' sounds like the word for fortune, 'faat'.  Thus many people believe eight is a number linked to prosperity.

The Chinese try to get the number eight in phone numbers, addresses, even car license plates.  The Beijing Olympics began on 8/8/08 at 8 seconds and 8 minutes past 8 pm.

Chinese believe the number Four is very unlucky.  The word for it sounds close to the word for death, 'si'.  Nokia (and other manufacturers) intentionally do not use a 4 series model number.  Thus a phone number with numerous fours can be considered as 'death' multiplied!

In some Asian countries many buildings do not have a Fourth floor (compared with Western buildings not having a Thirteenth floor).  In Hong Kong, some residential buildings miss all the floors with a 4 in it.

The number Six is liked as it sounds like the word for flowing (everything will go smoothly).  Thus Chinese will look for a set of 666 numbers.  Paradoxically in Western Culture this is considered demonic as it is the Number of the Beast.


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gold mobile numbers for sale
gold mobile numbers

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